St Joseph United Methodist Church
200 W. Church St.
Pikeville, NC 27863
Rev. Rose Hicks                                                                           (919)242-4674
Servant Leadership
St Joseph United Methodist Church Officers
      January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015

Lay Leader   
A B   Chair  
Recording Secretary   
Sunday School Super 
Sunday School Asst    
Trustee Chair
Parsonage Chairperson
Admin Asst. to Pastor
Worship Chair           
Head Usher
UM Women President   
Mission Ministry   
Youth Ministry
Church Historian      
Curt Davis
Robert Hooks
Sheila Crawford
Charlotte Brow
Robert Hooks
Curt Davis
Tommy Pate
Herbie Tucker
Carolyn Byers
Danny Newcomb
Pam Newcomb
Ann Meisenhelder
Ann Meisenhelder
Robert Hooks
Buck Thompson
All Members
          Lay Member to A/ C   
          Finance Chair       
          Finance Secretary     
          Membership Secretary 
          PPRC Chair             
          Safe Sanctuary Chair  
          Communion Steward   
          UM Men  Chair          
          Older Adult Coordinators
          Archives and History Contact
Charles Dees
Peggy Berry
Dana Tucker
Susan Davis
Tammy Trail
Mike Hooks
Royce Aycock
Debbie Edmundson
Shirley Barnes  
Robert Hooks
Pam Newcomb
Dolly Boone
Mevis Crawford
Robert Hooks
Mevis Crawford
All Members 

Hospitality Team   PPRC Team                   Chair: Mike Hooks
Marj Pate,  Lisa Vail 2014 Peggy Berry, Dana Tucker
Linda Westbrook 2015 Vikki Mercer, Debbie Edmundson
2016 Leslie Crawford, Vacant
Trustees Team        Chair: Curt Davis Lay Leadership Team     Chair: Pastor Rose Hicks
2014 Donald Mercer 2014 Pam Newcomb,   Carolyn Byers
2015 Charles Dees,  Linda Westbrook 2015 Tammy Trail,       Mike Hooks
2016 Danny Newcomb,   Sheila  Crawford 2016 Troy Pearson,      Curt Davis
Finance Team                  Chair: Peggy Berry Parsonage Team              Chair: Tommy Pate
Pastor Rose Hicks,   Buck Thompson 2014 Cathie Hooks,    Marj Pate
Robert Hooks,          Lindsay Crawford 2015 Roger Berry,  Mevis Crawford
2016 Meredith Crawford, Miranda Aycock
Worship Team                  Chair: Carolyn Byers Scholarship Team
Betty Rackley,  Pam Newcomb Cathie Hooks,   Robert Hooks
Pastor Rose Hicks Sheila Crawford
Joint Sunday School Teachers Safe Sanctuary Team    Chair: Royce Aycock 
Cathie Hooks,  Charlotte Brow  Pastor Rose Hicks,    Ann Meisenhelder
Ann Meisenhelder Robert Hooks
Honorary Administrative Council with Votes Communication Team     Chair: Cathie Hooks
Dolly Boone,    Mevis Crawford           Herbie Tucker,    Mike Hooks
Choir Director  Carolyn Byers
If you feel called to serve as a member of one of the leadership teams at St. Joseph, please contact Pastor Rose Hicks.    919-242-4674
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